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PK graphics - Company Overview

Those of you who are familiar with the early days of South Beach might recall seeing those peculiar little advertisements, printed on full color paper, scattered occasionally in banks, stores, and the local juice bar. Little did you know that they were being designed and created from a five hundred square foot location on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Miami Beach. Cut too eight years later, and everyone from the Lincoln Road Waiter, to the tourist from Ohio can tell you what it is, and that it most likely came from P.K. GRAPHICS. This form of advertising has become the lifeline in marketing for companies throughout the United States, such as nightclubs, record labels, retail stores, and start up companies, all because of P.K. GRAPHICS.

P.K. GRAPHICS, the largest postcard printer in the United States, might have come from humble beginnings but is now the leader in the industry for printing affordable, high impact material. We specialize in UV printing, but welcome any un-usual requests you might dream up. No job is to small or to large, and P.K.GRAPHICS rarely sleeps. We are in the office Monday thru Friday, from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 A.M., and Saturday from 11:00 A.M. until 12:00 A.M., with Customer Service and Graphic Design representatives on hand to accommodate you in our brand new seven thousand square foot corporate office.

The PKgraphics mission is a rather simple one, to Provide top quality design and print services at an unbeatable price and with unprecedented speed. Our in house design and print specialists can cater to your every need. We have been in operation for over ten years and are highly regarded as one of the leaders in the poster and postcard printing world. We are equipped with one of the most modern pre-press departments available today, complete with a Creo Trendsetter 800, which creates impressions on press plates, and a Kodak Polychrome that turns the plates into positives for output. We're also equipped with two Six Color, In-Line UV Heidelberg Speedmaster printing presses that can produce ten thousand impressions per hour, on forty-inch sheets. This allows us to handle large scale production with virtually no compromise in quality. Needless to say, we have staggering production capabilities at our 14,000 square foot print facility.

PKgraphics may have established its fame on the typical gang run UV coated piece, but recently has expanded to include color critical spec jobs on a wide variety of stock from the top paper vendors, including Wasau, Neenah, Hammermill, MacPaper, Weyerhaeuser and others. When it comes to quality printing we're doing our best to stay two steps ahead.

P.K. GRAPHICS is not a print broker! We own two Six Color Heidelberg Speedmaster, In-Line UV printing presses, at our fourteen thousand square foot Pompano Beach plant. These machines run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We have four Polar Digital Cutters; so all jobs are cut to exact specifications. We have one of the most advanced pre press departments, with a Creo Plate Maker, and a Kodak Plate Developer. We also have our own shipping facility that accommodates UPS and Delta Airlines. It just so happens that we are one of UPS and Delta Airlines largest shippers, so rest assured your packages will be there on time.

All in all PK GRAPHICS is one of the most sought after design and print firms in the country, but we always remember where we came from. We will always strive to keep costs affordable and quality at the pinnacle.




PK Graphics

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